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Bapak Waleed visits Yale University

Talk on Minangkabau Cultural Arts, History, Heritage & Workshop on Silat Traditionale


Bapak Waleed in front of Henry Luce Hall
on Hillhouse Avenue, home of the
Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center
for International and Area Studies at Yale

January, 2009

Bapak Waleed returned to the States after spending many months traveling, teaching, and performing throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  Among the first places he visited was Yale University in New Haven, CT, where he first met with faculty members of the Southeast Asia Studies Council.  Joe Errington, Anthropology Professor and Chair of SEAS, was happy to reconnect with Bapak Waleed after each of their respective sabbaticals overseas during summer and fall 2008.  Bapak and Joe voiced their mutual support for each other's ongoing efforts to further outreach and education surrounding Indonesia through both academic and cultural avenues.  Bapak shared the latest updates from the ISFA, as well as developments in Indonesia during the past year which saw the establishment of academic collaborations at several West Sumatran Universities, and the establishment of ISF-Indonesia in Padang.  Joe shared some exciting developments from the Yale SEAS as well, and pledged his support to Bapak and the ISFA for their efforts in showcasing the cultural treasures of West Sumatra. 

Bapak also met with Indriyo Sukmono, Senior Lector in the Council and faculty advisor for both ISFA@Yale and the Yale Indonesia Forum.  Bapak shared the ISFA's latest events and developments from 2008 with Indriyo, who was happy to hear of the ISFA's successes.  Indriyo invited Bapak and the ISFA to participate in several upcoming events at Yale, including the Yale Indonesia Forum's upcoming conference on campus with the visiting Cornell Indonesian Association, and the SEAS Annual Spring Festival to be held at the end of February.

While back on the East Coast, Bapak also lectured and demonstrated at the Yale Medical School's Harkness Ballroom, and was invited to present a few demonstrations at a local karate dojo.  The ISFA looks forward to more upcoming meetings and events during Bapak's visit to the States.  Stay tuned to these webpages for more information and details.  Thank you for your interest and support!

Bapak Waleed and the International Silat Federation are grateful to the Yale SEAS, and their Chair, J. Joseph Errington, for their continuing support and look forward to future collaborations


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Photo Gallery - Yale University

  • Bapak Waleed meeting with J. Joseph Errington, Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies in the MacMillan Center
  • Bapak Waleed meeting with Indriyo Sukmono, Senior Lector, Indonesian Language and Literature, Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies and Faculty advisor to the Yale Indonesia Forum and the ISFA@Yale.
  • Bapak Waleed in the Edward S. Harkness Memorial Hall Ballroom at the Yale School of Medicine

January 25th, 2009 by Staff

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