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Bapak Waleed to Conduct Wellness Lecture and Natural Healing Seminar at Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut | February 15 & 17, 2010

Monday, 2/15, 6:30 pm
Wednesday, 2/17, 6:30 pm
Harkness Ballroom
367 Cedar Street

Leonardo J. Stoute, Founder & Director of the International Silat Federation of Indonesia & America, and Professor at Andalas University is West Sumatra, Indonesia will Lecture on the value and effectiveness of Traditional Methods for Wellness and Rehabilitation. Join us for a presentation and interactive session where attendees will have the opportunity to try for themselves the movements of the Minang Culture of West Sumatra. Mr. Stoute has taught these Traditional Wellness Methods all over the world, including to medical practitioners at the largest Cardiac Rehabilitation Hospital in Indonesia and at the Yale New Haven Hospital Rehabilitation Department. These natural healing methods are used in everyday life to promote joint health, flexibility, coordination and balance for athletes, dancers and artists alike.

Everyone is welcome; attendees are encouraged to wear loose-fitting clothes. For more information, contact silat@yale.edu or visit www.yale.edu/silat

Co-sponsored by the ISFA@Yale and the Yale ISO



February 12th, 2010 by Staff

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