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Bapak Waleed lectures at Yale University

Talk on Minangkabau Cultural Arts, History, Heritage & Workshop on Silat Traditionale


August, 2008

During his brief trip to the eastern United States, Bapak Waleed was invited to Yale university to offer an informal talk and workshop on Minangkabau cultural arts and Silat Traditionale.

Bapak Waleed shared footage from his recent tour in Indonesia. The participants were to rare video and photos of cultural dances and ceremonies that are not often seen outside of the villages and highlands where they have been performed for centuries.

Bapak Waleed also demonstrated steps of Silat Traditionale and explained how they are incorporated into important public displays and ceremonies. He stressed balance and control of one's enitre being throughout the movements. He went further to mention how it is considered 'taboo' to injure another during the silat 'play'. If such a thing were to happen, it is a mark against the aggressor for they should have exerted adequate control so as to avoid seriously injuring the other person.

After the slide show and demo, the furniture was cleared, and Bapak Waleed led the group through the movements. He engaged some participants in the 'play' as well, showing how the steps can become both effective means of self defense and displays of cultural dance, rich with meaning and tradition.




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August 31st, 2008 by Staff

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