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Lecture & Demonstration in Solok, West Sumatra

March 2009

Bapak Waleed and Dr. Mochtar Naim headed this time into the interior of West Sumatra, south to the city of Solok. They witnessed beautiful, enchating landscapes, and charming villages and towns along the way. Photos from the road trip can be seen below. Once they arrived in Solok, they proceeded to a large Pesantran, or school, and mosque for the event.

When the time came, Bapak Waleed was presented in the traditional uniform and dress of a Pendakar, or teacher, of the old system of Silat, Silek Traditionale. Dr. Naim spoke to the assembled crowd of students, teachers, administrators, and community members about Bapak Waleed's relentless efforts to promote and share the traditional cultural arts of the Minangkabau, including Seni Silat Minang, Silat Tuo, and Silek Traditionale. Bapak Waleed then proceeded to offer a lecture and demonstration of the steps from the traditional systems of Silat. At the conclusion, many audience members thanked both Dr. Naim and Bapak Waleed for coming and sharing, and they invited them both back for future sessions as well.


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Photo Gallery - Road to Solok


Photo Gallery - Lecture & Demonstration


March 22nd, 2009 by Staff

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