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2008 ISFA Recap Newsletter

Published January 2009

January, 2009
Dear Friends of the International Silat Federation of America,
2008 has been a wonderful and eventful year, full of new beginnings and opportunities.  Enclosed in this newsletter are some of the highlights.  Internationally, the ISFA has been very active in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia, including an Indonesian Summer Tour & Pekan Budaya Cultural Festival in West Sumatra, Bapak Waleed’s collaboration with the Singapore Silat Association, and Silat Traditionale sessions at Camar Putih, West Sumatra. Domestic events from the past year include an ISFA Wellness Program at the Yale University SMDEP, ISFA@Yale’s participation in Yale’s iDANCE Benefit and Indonesian Dance Workshops during the Harvard University ARTS First Celebration. 
You can always find more information about our upcoming and past events, as well as educational sections on the history and culture of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia, on our websites, at InternationalSilatFederation.com and Yale.edu/Silat.  There are also several photo albums covering in more detail the events and tours listed in brief below, and coverage of additional ISFA events and activities.
Thank you for your continued interest and support!  We look forward to continuing to provide cultural and educational programs in 2009, as well as opportunities for students to travel overseas to Indonesia for a unique cultural experience.  To arrange ISFA events in your area contact us at SilatUSA@gmail.com.
Sincerely, and with best wishes for 2009,
Bapak Waleed, Founder & Director
and the ISFA Staff

International Events


Indonesia Summer Tour & Pekan Budaya Cultural Festival

P1020274 IMG_6249 IMG_6490 During summer and fall in 2008, Bapak Waleed invited ISFA students to travel from America to West Sumatra, Indonesia, to experience the Minangkabau culture first-hand.  During the summer tour, Bapak Waleed was invited among other dignitaries and officials to participate on the main stage for the opening of the Pekan Budaya Cultural Festival showcasing the music, arts, dance, theater, fashion, and tapestries of the Minang from throughout the region.  The weeklong program of events, performances and activities provided a burst of colors and sounds, bringing tourists and visitors from around Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Bapak Waleed, ISFA, and the Singapore Silat Association

Bapak Waleed was formally invited to visit and meet with the department heads, coaches and the head of administration of PERSISI, the Singapore Silat Federation.  Prof. Bapak Waleed was presented with a special gift from the President of the Singapore Silat Federation, Dzulkarnain Noordin, Persadara.  This Forum and the meetings that took place in Singapore provided an excellent exchange of information, project plans, action steps and a wealth of ideas for supporting and promoting the Traditional and Competitive nature of Silat; along with its beautiful Arts "Seni" roots and the Exotic Musical rhythms and Traditional Dance of the region.

Silat Traditionale at Camar Putih, West Sumatra

wIMG_727408.jpg wIMG_727711.jpg Bapak Waleed was invited, once again, to step with Pak Idris of Camar Putih, a premier school of Traditional Silat in Padang, the capital of West Sumatra.  Camar Putih is dedicated to teaching the traditional forms of Silat to the children and youth in the region, and together with Bapak Waleed and the ISFA are reviving these ancient arts and sharing their beauties with the rest of the region, the country of Indonesia, and the rest of the world.  Every opportunity bringing Bapak Waleed and Pak Idris together to step with each other provides those who share in it a unique window into the ancient roots of the Minangkabau culture.

United States Events


ISFA Wellness Program at the Yale SMDEP

The Yale Medical School invited Bapak Waleed to present a Wellness program for the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program for talented college students from around the country.  Bapak Waleed led the group, who hailed from across the country, CA, TN IL, GA, NY, and Puerto Rice, in some basic “Meditation in Movement” steps aimed at healing the mind and spirit as well as the body.  Bapak also gave a presentation and lecture on various different types of alternative therapies used in Indonesian and Southeast Asia, including herbal therapy, Jamu, movement therapy, and even Silat.

Yale University iDANCE for Global Health

P1000057The ISFA@Yale participated in Yale University’s first iDANCE for Global Health initiative in April, 2008.  iDANCE invited participants from around the school to spend 10 consecutive hours on their feet to benefit several different NGO’s run by Yale alumni.  Several Yale dance groups participated in a rotation around the clock during the marathon.  During the segment led by the ISFA@Yale, the student marathon dancers tried some basic movements of the West Sumatran dances of the Minangkabau people

Indonesian Dance during the Harvard University ARTS First Celebration

 Harvard University’s annual ARTS First celebration 2008 featured Harvard’s premier arts, music and dance groups, as well as workshops, demonstration, and performances by invited groups, including the ISFA.  Leverett House hosted a weekend of Introductory Indonesian Dance Workshops, including a short video montage of traditional wedding ceremonies from West Sumatra.  The participants’ backgrounds were from all over the world, and each found a unique way to connect with the Minangkabau culture.

ISFA – Indonesia Tour Montages


Images available matted or framed

For more information visit the ISFA Website InternationalSilatFederation.com



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