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Photos Special: Classy FM, Ceremony of Honors, "Universitas Andalas Padang", Fakultas Sastra

March 2009

Bapak Waleed recently sent a few pictures from events around Padang, West Sumatra.

  1. Classy 103.4 FM Radio

    This radio Station, based in Padang, West Sumatra, invited Bapak Waleed and Dr. Naim down to their station for a live interview. Around 8:30 AM, one of the peak listening times of the day, the radio host spoke with both of them on a number of topics. Dr. Naim spoke about West Sumatra and the culture and heritage of the region. They asked Bapak Waleed about his recent activities to promote Silat Traditionale and the Minangkabau culture. They also spoke about his efforts to develop programs and curriculums for the youth and students in the area. At the conclusion, they asked Bapak Waleed to come back to talk further about the educational cultral programs he has developed as well as to join them on their English speaking program.

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  2. "Universitas Andalas Padang" Ceremony of Honors

    Andalas University held a graduation ceremony recently for their senior students. Bapak Waleed and Dr. Naim were invited to attend as guests. The Dean of the university spoke at the event and referenced Bapak Waleed and his work in establishing and promoting the traditional side of the Silat arts and the Minangkabau culture.

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  3. "Universitas Andalas Padang" Fakultas Sastra

    The Arts and Culture faculty at Andalas University held a special session to discuss topics of common interest. Bapak Waleed was invited to attend and participate. The administrators were eager to share with all the faculty Bapak Waleed's ongoing work in the promotion of traditional arts and culture. They all were interested in learning more about the academic curriculums and programs he has developed over the decades of his dedicated involvement in the learing, teaching, and sharing of the arts of Silat Traditionale and Silat Minangkabau. The program of the event is available in PDF format (written in Minang language).

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Photo Gallery - Classy FM


Photo Gallery - Graduation


Photo Gallery - Andalas University Faculty Meeting



March 15th, 2009 by Staff

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