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Permias Ann Arbor Invites Bapak Waleed to Train them in Traditional Silat

Ann Arbor, Michigan | January 29, 2010

Permias Ann Arbor, the Indonesian Student Organization at the University of Michigan, invited Bapak Waleed to come train them as they prepare for their upcoming cultural show. A special training session was set up in Pierpont Commons on the university's North Campus.

Bapak Waleed led the group in the traditional, cultural movements of Silat Tuo, Silat Minang, and Silat Harimau. The students quickly realised that what they were experiencing was much different than what they thought they had been seeing of Silat online and on YouTube. Bapak Waleed gave the students an introduction to the basic movements including the line stepping, hand movements, traditional opening/closing, and the breathing exercises. He would periodically show the group the application of the movements as well.

At the conclusion everyone was very grateful to Bapak Waleed and made the intention to continue to train with him as they prepare for their cultural show.

Classes & Rehearsals, 7 PM Friday evenings, Pierpont Commons, Valley Room

Read the event recap from the second session here

Click to download the Introductory Flyer on Silat
that was provided to the students at this event »



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January 29th, 2010 by Staff

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