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Lecture & Training Session in Pariaman, West Sumatra

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March 2009

Bapak Waleed was invited to lecture and lead training at an event in the city of Pariaman, on the coast of West Sumatra, north of Padang. The gathering brought together incoming university students from various provinces around the area, both from West Sumatra as well as other areas. All the students were about to embark on their academic career at Andalas University in Padang. In addition to the students, faculty members as well as parents and others from the community were in attendance.

The students assembled in a large field in anticipation of Bapak's arrival. When he arrived, Bapak humbly greeted everyone in the traditional fashion. Bapak Waleed was introduced as one who has worked tirelessly for several decades in the establishment and promotion of Silat Traditionale and the Minangkabau culture.

Bapak Waleed gave a short introduction on the importance of maintaining the old systems of Silat Traditionale, Silat Tuo, and Silek Minang and the benefit of the Pusaka, or blessings, contained therein. He explained why it is so important to keep the traditional ways of Silek and to train diligently and consistently. This would help them to keep the Pusaka of the old ways which would help them in their studies and coursework. He then began to demonstrate for the students the movements of Silek Traditionale, emphasizing both the dance-like qualities as well as the practical self-defense aspects.

After a short while, Bapak had the entire group on their feet following him through the field while they practices the steps. Boys and girls, men and women, people of all ages participated. They were given a good workout and remained very interested in learning more about the steps that Bapak was showing them. He would pause periodically to highlight some particular aspect of the stepping with some of the students in turn.

At the conclusion, everyone was quite satisfied and eager to learn more from Bapak Waleed. They offered their sincere thanks and gratitude and invited him to return to develop curriculum and programs to educate and teach even more of the youth of the area. As the afternoon winded down, smiles were plentiful as the students has their photograph taken with Bapak Waleed and then enjoyed the nice weather and surroundings while having a picnic.

The final photo gallery on this page shows pictures from the area of Pariaman including photos of the seashore and pictures of the "kabau" or buffalo from which the name Minangkabau is derived.

The name Minangkabau is thought to be a conjunction of two words, minang ("victorious") and kabau ("buffalo").


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Photo Gallery - Lecture & Training Part 1



Photo Gallery - Lecture & Training Part 2


Photo Gallery - Sights around Pariaman


March 22nd, 2009 by Staff

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