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Bapak Waleed invited to perform at Maulid Nabi Celebration

March 2009

This month, Bapak Waleed was invited to perform Silat Traditionale for the celebration of Maulid Nabi in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Bapak Waleed traveled north along the West Sumatra coast with Dr. Mochtar Naim, a member of the Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat DPR, (People's Representative Council). The location of the performance was a mosque and pesantran and a great majority of community members along with students, faculty, and staff were present.

As the event got underway, a group of women, children, and singers performed Rabana Music and sang songs which elevated the spirits and brought light to hearts of everyone present. The beautiful sounds, melodies, and recitation connected everyone heart to heart. Next. Dr. Naim introduced Bapak Waleed to the gathered crowd and spoke for short time on the significance of what Bapak Waleed has been doing with Silat Traditionale and Silat Minangkabau overseas and in Indonesia. Bapak Waleed then opened by offering the traditional salutation, greeting, and respect to the audience, particularly the elders, and Dr. Naim. The elders returned the salutation to him and offered sincere recognition. Bapak Waleed delighted the audience with the movements and steps of the oldest systems of Seni Silat Minang, all of which originated in West Sumatra and surrounding region. Performing at this occasion and in front of such an audience is a great honor. Everyone knew what they were observing and looking at and were amazed that someone from the west was performing their Pusako and at the same time motivating and inspiring the young and old alike. Bapak Waleed concluded the set with another round of salutation and gratitude towards the elders and hosts.

After the performance and ceremony concluded the audience flocked to both Dr. Naim and Bapak Waleed to offer their gratitude and appreciation. The day was long from over, as many of the community members and families invited the two to come to their homes before leaving. There were a few stops along the way as the gracious people opened their homes and offered tea and desert to their guests. They were eager to hear from Dr. Naim and Bapak Waleed about the ongoing programs in establishing and promoting the arts of Silat Traditionale. The community leaders and parents were duly impressed and even asked Bapak Waleed to come back and set up a Silat Traditionale curriculum for the youth and their school.



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Photo Gallery - Maulid Nabi Celebration, West Sumatra


March 14th, 2009 by Staff

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