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Training Sessions at Camar Putih

July 13th, 2008

On Saturday, Pak Idris of Camar Putih hosted Bapak Waleed at his home, giving the two a chance to catch up.  Pak Idris’s eldest daughter, the National Champion of Indonesia in Silat, gave Bapak Waleed a exclusive performance of her talents in Silat, including with the use of the golok (short knife) and pedang (staff).

The next morning, on Sunday, Pak Idris, Pak Muasri, and Bapak Waleed gathered to teach and train the students of Camar Putih.  In West Sumatra, children as young as just a few years old participate in traditional Silat Minangkabau training, to preserve their culture and maintain the beauties of this comprehensive art form unique to the region.  Training began early, but still the sun became quite hot while the students practiced and sparred in the open field.

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July 14th, 2008 by Staff

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