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July 10th, 2008

Pekan Budaya Sumatera Barat ran throughout the week, with several different events daily, and a concert feature performance at night.  On Thursday, the festivities continued, with several different performances of Silat Randai, as well as traditional Minang singing and youth performances.

Throughout the week at the Silat Randai Tradisi mainstage, 15 of the 16 regencies in West Sumatera demonstrated their own particular style of Silat Randai, the traditional theater of the region.  Live Gamelan accompanied each performance, with singers narrating.  The actors moved in a circle in traditional Silat –style stepping, with the main characters taking center stage for dialogue.  Silat Randai also features two of the players taking center stage to ‘spar’ or ‘play.’  Each Randai troop consisted of approximately 12 Silat players forming the circular theater, with accompaniment of several other actors, narrators, singers, drummers, and other musicians.

Traditional Minang Music, ‘Rabana’ and ‘Nasyid,’ was featured as well, with pairs of singers from several different cities including Solok and Pariaman.  The pair of singers was each dressed in solid color matching uniforms, with large round metal plates used as hand drums.  The songs themselves, with intricately woven vocals and complex tones, were partly spirituals, with sounds somewhat reminiscent of South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and partly cultural, with references to the region and towns drawing cheers from the crowd. 

Even the very young children took part, with a fashion show and performance by several groups of young girls presenting traditional Minang dress. 

The grounds of Taman Budaya Cultural Park are open year round and include a gallery of traditional art, showcasing the beautiful dress, geography, architecture, and natural landscapes of the region. 


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July 14th, 2008 by Staff

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