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July 9th, 2008

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Padang Waits for the Results
of the Presentation of Cultural Arts

Metro Padang - July 9, 2008

Already 7 groups from Padang have joined to participate in the festivals and competitions of Pekan Budaya Sumatera Barat 2008.  The Chief of Padang Tourism, Art and Culture said that he did not yet have the results of the competition but that every competitor was performing well.  “They are capable,” said Drs Didi Aryadi MSi, Chief of the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture.  He added that Padang City is the host of the Festival but that Padang City could also be the winner of the Festival.  Some of the performing groups that Padang contributed to the Festival include: Randai (theater), Saluang Dendang (Minang flute), Baralek Gadang (wedding party), Tari Kreasi (dance), Kasidah Rebana (religious music), Paket Seni (art), Lomba Lukis (painting competition), Nyanyi Gamad (Minangkabau songs), Lomba Manatiang Piriang (plate dance competition), Lomba Nasyid (competition for religious songs), Salawat Dulang (mawlid), Nyanyi Minang (Minang songs) and Lomba Baju Kuruang Basiba (competition of Minang dress).  The City of Padang also built the stand and mainstage for the Festival at Diponegoro Street.  “We hope that all the participants who didn’t join yet can struggle for Padang City and make Padang City to be better than the other cities,” he hopes.


Join the Festival Pekan Budaya Sumatera Barat – Selling Solok Tourism

Metro Padang
July 9, 2008

One way to sell and advertise the Solok region for people from outside the region is to participate in the festival Pekan Budaya Sumatera Barat.  By participating in this event, the government of Kabupaten Solok hopes that the Solok regency will be brought to the attention of the people.  According to the Chief of Tourism of the Solok region, Mr. Syafrizal, Solok joined the festival in order to promote the city and region.  Even though he only recently became the Chief of Tourism for Solok, Syafrizal said that the Solok region really has a lot of potential for tourism.  Participating in the festival is one way to promote and support the cultural importance of the city to the outside world.  According to him, Solok designed traditional group presentations for the festival in order to introduce the customs that the Solok community has.  The groups from Solok also performed ‘alek nagari’ and ‘Maambiak Hari Manjalang Mintuo,’ which are customs of the preparation to go to the husband’s parents house. 

July 10th, 2008 by Staff

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