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Firday, March 7th, 2008 | Padang, West Sumatra

While Bapak Waleed has been in West Sumatra teaching and establishing a school of traditional Silat, he has been blessed with the support of other community leaders and educators, including those representing other martial arts.

In these photographs, Bapak Waleed can be seen with the Ketua Umum, General Chairman, of the Indonesia Karate-Do (INKADO) organization, Pak Deddy S.H. Dan IV.

The group photo was taken at a convocation held at the Inkado center in Padang, West Sumatra in March of 2008. All those in this photo are masters, teachers, or other dignitaries.

Below, are copies of the formal invitation sent to Bapak Waleed inviting him to attend the event.

We are grateful to Pak Deddy and the entire INKADO organization for their support of Traditional Silat and Bapak Waleed.

We are greateful for the support offered by various community groups around the world, including the Indonesia Karate-Do.

See the original article in the Padang Ekspres newspaper


March 10th, 2008 by Staff

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