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Indonesia's Independence Day

Indonesia's Hari Merdeka, or Independence Day, falls on August 17th. Through both diplomatic means and armed resistance in some places, Indonesia gained sovereignty from the Dutch on August 17, 1945.

The best part about Indonesia's Independence Day? Panjat Pinang.

Panjat Pinang is a game where a tall palm tree is heavily greased, then expensive prizes like televisions and smartphones are hung in the top. Whoever can climb the tree first wins the prizes. The climb is a difficult one, but the contestants are all very skilled and able.

Perhaps most interesting about Indonesia's quest for independence was their actual declaration. Unlike the U.S. Declaration of Independence which weighs in at way over 1,000 words and 56 signatures, the Indonesian Declaration of Independence could have been written on a sticky note.

Their proclamation had only two signatures and went as follows:

WE THE PEOPLE OF INDONESIA HEREBY DECLARE THE INDEPENDENCE OF INDONESIA. Matters Which Concern The Transfer Of Power And Other Things Will Be Executed By Careful Means And In The Shortest Possible Time. Jakarta, 17 August 1945
In The Name Of The People Of Indonesia SOEKARNO - HATTA

The proclamation was accepted and a new country was formed.


August 17th, 2011 by Staff

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