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ISFA participates in iDANCE at Yale

iDANCE for Global Health: Finale of Global Health Week at Yale University

March 29, 2008

iDANCE for Global Health at Yale University brought together students from around the University community to support global health groups run by Yale students and alumni. The event was part of Global Health Week at Yale, which also held a week of events in February, including lectures, discussions, and a symposium with student research posters and presentations. The iDANCE marathon featured performances and lessons from several of Yale’s dance groups, and also featured prizes and dance competitions, and a variety of cultural cuisine from around the world.

During the afternoon and early evening, dance performances and lessons were given by a local Salsa instructor, the Yale Bellydance Society, and Yale’s Konjo African Dance Team. ISFA@Yale gave a presentation accompanied by a video presentation of traditional Indonesian Dance from West Sumatra, Indonesia. The dance lesson to the participants introduced them to the “flower dance” as well as the hand movements which accompany the dances, theater, and martial arts traditions of West Sumatra. The lesson culminated with servings of traditional Indonesian Ginger Tea. Later on in the evening, the dancing continued with a Bhangra DJ, a techno hour, and a Social Cup competition between the Yale Colleges.

iDANCE for Global Health was held in collaboration with Party for a Cause, co-sponsored by the YCC, and was the winner of the UOFC 5K student activities competition. All proceeds from the evening were directed to two NGOs run by Yale alumni. Nyaya Health was co-founded by students and alumni of the Yale School of Medicine, and aims to “improve the health of poor communities in Nepal through the provision of medical and public health services.” More information can be found on the Nyaya Health website. Amman Imman serves to “build permanent water sources for the rural population of the Azawak,” the plains of Central Niger. A program of the Friendship Caravan, Amman Imman was co-founded by alumni of Yale College and the Yale School of Public Health. More information can be found online at Water for Niger.

ISFA@Yale extends special thanks to all of the organizers of iDANCE for their hard work and dedication, especially to Jessica Stephens and Patrick McCarthy. We look forward to more dance marathons at Yale in the future...

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March 30th, 2008 by Staff

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