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Silat Training Outdoors at East Rock Park, Yale University Community

August 15th | East Rock Park, New Haven CT

Bapak Waleed led class outside at New Haven's East Rock Park over the weekend -- a Silat Traditionale Wellness Session, building upon the basic aspects of Silat training.  "You must get in touch with nature," Bapak advised.  Once you learn to listen with your ears and eyes, rather than with your mouth, you can begin to see more of the many things constantly happening around you.  "Once you learn to quiet your thoughts, the animals will come out to you," he continued, sharing from some of his own experiences. The Park offers a wonderful array of natural vistas, from bird habitats and to forests, to marshes, rivers and waterfalls, with paths winding through the lowlands and up to the top of East Rock itself.

After opening with a walk through the woods and along the Mill River, starting from the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, Bapak selected a grassy area near the river for some stepping and Silat training.  Even just the short time spent walking through the park helped the participants to relax and clear their minds before beginning to step and train.  During the workshop, Bapak emphasized the original roots of Silat, from the oldest forms of the movements, and demonstrated some of the subtle uniqueness which is present from one set of movements to the next.  

The history of Silat provides a perspective on the various movements of the region and the context in which they came to evolve.  Learning the history of the movements themselves is also important for anyone seeking training in Silat.  During the course of the day, Bapak also took the opportunity to reconnect with students from the past, and passersby took the opportunity to join in during the training.

View of New Haven from East Rock

View of East Rock from New Haven







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August 15th, 2009 by Staff

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