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Discussing Development at the Indonesian Consulate

New York, New York | October 13, 2011

Bapak Waleed was among the distinguished guests invited to an important talk at the Consulate General Of Indonesia in New York today. Members of the Indonesian Investment Board (BPKM) lead a roundtable discussion on development in Indonesia.

During a private meeting with Mr. Indra Darmawan, Deputy Chairman for Investment Climate, BKPM, Bapak Waleed discussed several important principles necessary for responsible development. The two of them established a genuine connection while reviewing the most recent ISF Portfolio. Mr. Darmawan was impressed and pleased with Bapak Waleed's decades of dedication to establishing and promoting the traditional arts and culture of Indonesia. Bapak went on to emphasize the importance of benefiting the people on the ground when considering any development project, and Mr. Darmawan agreed. The rest of the BPKM staff was also grateful to meet and talk with Bapak.

Many members of the consulate staff were happy to see Bapak Waleed again, and they were eager to learn of his latest travels and teaching engagements. Many old connections were reinforced and many new ones were made.


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October 14th, 2011 by Staff

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