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Bapak Waleed's Cirruculum Vitae


BA – University of Maryland, Business Administration
MBA – University of Maryland, Marketing & Finance


  • Lecturer – School of Health Promotion and Human Performance, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan 2004-present.  Currently on Sabbatical in Sumatra Indonesia, Spring and Fall 2007, based at IPSI, Padang.
  • Lecturer – Andalus University, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2004
  • Lecturer – Gor Imam Bonjol, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2004
  • Lecturer – Yayasan Sumatera Barat, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2004
  • Lecturer – University of Bukittinggi, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2004
  • Lecturer – Camar Putih, Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2007
  • Critical Care Program Consultant – Jusat Pantung Hospital, Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2004
  • Founder & Chief Instructor, International Silat Federation of America, 1995-present.
  • Founder & CEO, Natural Healing Alternatives, Inc., 1995-present

Courses Taught

  • PEGN 177-001 “Spiritual Dance & Sacred Movement,” Eastern Michigan University, 2006.
  • PEGN 177-003 “An Introduction to Silat Tuo: Indonesian Spiritual Martial Arts & Dance,” Eastern Michigan University, 2005.
  • PEGN 177-007 “Tarian Movement Therapy,” Eastern Michigan University, 2004.

Professional/Career Development

  • Awarded title of Pendakar, or Grand Master of Silat, by Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia (IPSI – Indonesia Pencak Silat Federation), the official governing body of the arts of Silat in Indonesia, in recognition of his exemplary skill and knowledge and over 25 years of training and service.
  • Authorization to teach Pencak Silat Satria Muda, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Chicago
  • Authorization to teach Silat Tuo Minang and Seni Silat Haqq, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, New York
  • Certification in Aromatherapy from the American Institute of Unani Medicine
  • Certification of Natural Healing, Healing Touch International

Recent Awards

  • Black Pioneer Achievement Award, The City of Los Angeles
  • Hero of the Community Award, The Original Warrior Association
  • Global Achievement and Service Award, Harvard University Muslim Alumni
  • Letter of Commendation, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York
  • “Pendakar” Award, Tradisional Silat Festivale, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Invited Lectures/Presentations/Workshops

  • YaleDancers, Invited Workshop, Yale University, New Haven, CT
  • Six-Week Series “Traditional Dances of Sumatra, Indonesia”, Yale University, New Haven, CT
  • Invited Performance, Challenge of the Martial Arts Masters IV, Las Vegas, NV

Major Productions & Performances
As International Guest Performer

  • “Silat Tradisional – Gathering of Pendakars”, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

As Producer

  • “Secrets of the Heart II”, University of Michigan
  • Silat Training and Cultural Education Series, six DVD set

As Choreographer/Lead Performer

  • “Gongs of Truth – Ramayana Performance”, University of Michigan
  • “Secrets of the Heart, II”, University of Michigan
  • “World Dance Festival”, Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
  • “Annual Spring Festival”, Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Yale University


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