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Leonardo Stoute, who is also known by the honorific ‘Bapak Waleed', is internationally recognized for the “Traditional Indonesian ‘Seni Silat Tuo Tradisional Arts”. After decades of study and training, Bapak was granted the title of Pendekar (Grand Master) by several masters of the ‘Silat Tuo Arts' in Indonesia (and Malaysia). Bapak is Founder & Chief Instructor of the International Silat Federation of America (Silat Tradisional America) which aims to promote the teachings of the ‘Silat Tradisional' Martial Arts, Culture & Traditions in American universities, colleges and other respective institutions both domestic and abroad. Bapak is also Founder and Head Program Director of Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Centers which aims to promote health & wellness in the community, by providing programs on meditation, energy, movement and healing arts. Currently, there are centers in Ann Arbor, Michigan (University of Michigan) and New England with future plans to continue expansion. Bapak is also an Adjunct Professor at Eastern Michigan University, and routinely conducts seminars and workshops at Yale University, and administers ongoing programs at the University of Michigan and Harvard University.

Bapak has received the "Key to the City" from the Mayor of Padang City, Drs. H. Fauzi Bahar, M.Si. (West Sumatra, Indonesia); the “Proclamation of Honor” from Mayor John Hieftje of Ann Arbor, Michigan; the “Black Pioneer Achievement Award” from Mayor James K. Hahn of Los Angeles, California; and a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the State of Nevada. Further commendations include, an “Ordainment of Grandmaster” by  the Martial Arts & Science Institute; a “Hero of the Community Award” from The Original Warrior Association; and a “Letter of Commendation” from Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Yale University. Bapak has also been recognized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York with a Letter of Acknowledgement, and the Indonesian Consulate in Chicago with a “Certificate of Recognition”.

Bapak's programs have gained both national and international recognition for integrating systems of physical discipline with mental and spiritual practices, which promote self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-discovery. Considered a world-renowned expert on healing, meditation and the martial arts, Bapak is consistently sought out for his knowledge, experience and consultation.

Bapak currently resides in both Ann Arbor, Michigan and New Haven, Connecticut continuously giving seminars and lectures, promoting the “Traditional Indo-Malay ‘Seni Silat Tuo’ Arts” as well as Natural Healing Alternatives.

Instructor Stoute (Sh. Bapak Waleed) is a True Spiritual Warrior living in modern times and contemporary places. Having intended staying in seclusion, Bapak was instead ordered by his Teachers to share the Wisdoms of Reality with all of humanity. More than a martial artist and self defense instructor, Bapak is also a 'natural healer,' performing arts director & performer, and esoteric lecturer (of the Sufi Healing Traditions) who has manifested complete holistic programs integrating systems of physical discipline with mental and spiritual practices which institute self-improvement, develop self-awareness, and illuminate one's Path towards Self-Realization, Truth and the Divine Presence.

A respected teacher in the 'Ways of Silat and the Adab,' Bapak is one of a handful of instructors recognized by the Elders of Silat's Motherland, West Sumatra, Indonesia.  In fact, as recently as the summer of 2004, Bapak received High Honors and 'The Key to the City' from the Honorable Mayor of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia, the native origin of the martial art of Silat Tuo & Silat Minang.

Bapak is internationally recognized for spreading the cultures, traditions, music, and dance, of Southeast Asian arts, in specific Silat Tuo and Silat Minangkabau of West Sumatra and Indonesia. Bapak is also recognized around the globe for his curriculum development, teaching, and educational programs surrounding the diverse people of this incredible archipelago.

Over time, Bapak received further recognition from such luminaries as Grand-Master Edward Lebe, of Pencak Silat Satria Muda Indonesia as well as from the Office of the Consulate General Indonesia (Padang/Jakarta/Chicago/New York) and IPSI, Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia. All recognized & praised Bapak for his consistent efforts in spreading the appreciation for Indonesia culture, traditions, martial arts, kembangen (spiritual dance), music, as well as the natural healing alternatives & meditation inherent in the traditions of Indonesia (& Malaysia), with its connection to the Esoteric Sufi Healing Traditions.

Bapak is thus authorized to teach the martial arts of Silat Tuo (Silek Tuo) & Silat Minangkabau, P.S. Satria Muda, and Seni Silat Haqq. As such, Bapak travels the globe to spread the culture & traditions (adab/adat) of Silat Tuo (Old Silat) in association with its inherent connection to the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order (as permitted by Mawlana Grand-Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani and Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani).

Bapak is an inspiration to communities everywhere he goes. With a particular interest toward the youth, he motivates people to turn to one another with feelings of togetherness and generosity. This is evident in the goodwill his students offer to the communities in which they live. Contributing food to soup kitchens, gathering clothes for homeless shelters, and raising awareness of other’s needs are just a few of the activities regularly carried out by IFSA trainees around the world. Further evidence of Bapak’s positive influence can be seen in the way in which he builds bridges between communities and groups. Every race, every culture, every creed is attracted to the events that Bapak showcases. Through art, culture, music, and dance, Bapak connects people in a natural way, engendering appreciation, sharing, and learning.

Bapak is truly a Living Legend in the realms of spirituality & martial arts, and a Master of the Ways of the Spiritual Warrior...

Originally from Panama, Central America, Bapak received his MBA from the University of Maryland and now currently resides in the United States of America (Ann Arbor, MI) and Indonesia (Padang, West Sumatra). Teaching, performing and lecturing worldwide for the past 15+ years, Bapak is a true ‘World Traveler.’ Having spent ‘real-time’ extensively training with the ‘Elders’ (Old Masters of the Path), touring as Chief Instructor for the International Silat Federation of America, lecturing/performing as Director, Head Choreographer, Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Centers, Bapak has visited Europe (England, Spain, Germany), Turkey, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Central & South America, Canada, the United States, and especially, ‘The Islands of Fire: Southeast Asia (Indonesia: West and North Sumatra; Jakarta, Bandung, Bukittinggi, Padang, Surabaya, West Jawa; Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Malaka, and Penang), and more...

Bapak’s experience, teaching background, and extensive travels (studies/researching) is more than 33 years in various traditional spiritual dances, martial arts, esoteric philosophies and Sufi Traditions. Having actively pursued international cultures whose roots are grounded & connected in Spiritual Practices, Natural Healing, Martial Arts, Self-Defense Training, Spiritual Dance (Whirling) and Sufi Music, Bapak emanates the Way of the Spiritual Warrior and shares such Precious Jewels in the ISFA training curricula.

Having received the Light, Baraka, and Ijaza (permission/authority) from the ‘Old Silat & Sufi Masters,’ Bapak teaches the Traditional Indo-Malay 'Seni Silat Tuo Tradisional Arts' (Old Silat) in the ‘Traditional & Authentic’ manner. Respected worldwide for his teaching authenticity, Bapak openly shares the Wisdoms of the Spiritual Warrior to sincere seekers of the Way.

Private training and consultation (individual/group) on silat, spiritual dance, martial arts classes, meditation classes (dhikr), and women’s self defense workshops are held year-round at BODY-MIND-SPIRIT Wellness Centers as well as on the campuses of the University of Michigan, Yale University, Eastern Michigan University and Harvard University.


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