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Bapak Waleed has been working hard for decades to share with the world the beauty, benefits, and effectiveness of the movement arts of Silat Tuo, Seni Silat Haqq, and Silat Minangkabau as well as the other arts of Silat Tradisionale. In addition, he has educated countless students in the arts, history, and culture of the Minangkabau people.

On these pages we are attempting to chronicle these efforts, particularly the notable events that have taken place throughout the years. Please check this space often as we intend to include more historical events regurlarly.

Periodically, ISFA publishes an archive in book form that encompasses important activity over the prior year. These books are available for download in PDF to select members. Over time, the contents of those books will be available online as well.

Outline - Annual Report 2008

Please find enclosed a snapshot of the various activities of the
International Silat Federation of America, led by Director Bapak
for the year of 2008, including events and press releases, letters of support and invitation, certificates exchanged, press coverage, and promotional materials.

General Information

  • ISFA Dance Programs Brochure
  • ISFA Wellness Programs Brochure
  • ISFA@Yale Poster
  • ISFA WebShots

Recognition & Letters of Support & Invitation

  • Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Indriyo Sukmono, Senior Lector
  • Harvard Asia Center, Deirdre Chetham, Director
  • Office for the Arts at Harvard, Tom Lee, Manager, Learning from Performers
  • Personal Invitation to Drs Musari, Camar Putih, from Bapak Waleed & ISFA
  • Letter of Invitation & Support from Pak Muasri of the Camir Putih School, West Sumatra
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award from DESK
  • Thank You Letter from Harvard University
  • Letter of Invitation & Support from Yale University School of Medicine

Certificates of Recognition & Appreciation

  • Certificate of Appreciation to David Heiser, Yale Peabody Museum, from ISFA
  • Granted to the Mayor of New Haven, John DeStefano, from ISFA – February 2008

ISFA in Indonesia

  • Extended Indonesian Tour, February – June 2008
  • Pekan Budaya Sumatera Barat 2008
  • ISFA Tour of West Sumatra, July 2008
    • ISFA Photo Montages
  • ISFA in West Sumatra, September 2008
  • Bapak Waleed Teaching & Performing in Indonesia, 2008

ISFA Events in America: Posters & Articles

  • Bapak Waleed conducts Indonesian Dance Workshops at Yale, Poster & Writeup
  • Visit to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
  • Yale University Southeast Asia Studies Spring Festival
  • Yale University iDANCE for Global Health
  • New Haven Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen Annual Awards Night
  • Harvard University ARTS First
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Center – America Cancer Society Benefit
  • ISFA Training in Michigan
  • Yale University SMDEP Wellness Program – June 2008
  • Bapak Waleed Visits Yale University and the Peabody – August 2008

Related American Events & Coverage

  • Yale University Indonesia Forum Workshop
  • University of Michigan – Indonesian Cultural Night
  • MinangUSA Foundation – visit Sumatra Poster, June 2008
  • Indonesian Ambassador to the UN Visits Yale – November 2008

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Semi Annual Report - July 2008

July 4th, 2008 by Staff

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